CDL Green Gallery

Singapore's First Zero-Energy Gallery

The CDL Green Gallery, an extension of the Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Museum, is Singapore’s first zero-energy gallery. An innovative, sustainable building, the CDL Green Gallery will feature botanical- or greening-related exhibits, and historical items on display including old photographs, artefacts, plant specimens, rare botanical books and botanical paintings that date back to the early 19th century.

1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569
Category Sports, Community & Recreation | Civic & Cultural
Year 2013
Size -
An eco-innovation used for the first time in Singapore is Hempcrete – a plant-based material used for the external wall cladding of the gallery. It is a mixture of hemp core, lime binders and water, with very good durability and thermal performance ideal for this air-conditioned gallery.

With the prefabricated modular system, six individual containers are precast with Hempcrete at an external quality controlled site and then assembled onsite, with minimal impact on the lush garden grounds. These pre-fabricated containers are easy to build, easy to dismantle and expandable if required.

Additionally, green walls clad with butterfly-attracting plant species encourage biodiversity. Along with the passive architectural design, the CDL Green Gallery is a truly green and sustainable building for the community.

Photos courtesy of City Developments Limited

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