Year of Completion

Located near the metropolitan city centre of Foshan, which lies adjacent to Guangzhou, the development is strategically situated above a metro station, at the intersection of Jihua Road and Guilan Road. It was positioned as a one-stop family-oriented shopping mall, with the main shopping strip sited along the longer front of the site, while the shorter front houses predominantly food and beverage establishments.

The roof was conceived as a large garden to create the building’s fifth elevation, upon which surrounding high-rise residential buildings look down. A portion of the roof garden was specifically designed to incorporate children’s play facilities where parents can enjoy quality time with their children, thus interweaving the family theme into the landscape.

The main design language is expressed in the form of a continuous and rippling ribbon around the whole building, which gently undulates upwards at the main entrance to form an extensive organic canopy above a large entrance plaza. The covered plaza was designed to be a vibrant urban space that allows for a myriad of activities to take place. At night, the ribbon is decorated with special lighting effects, resembling a pulsating wave travelling across Jihua Road, the city’s major traffic artery.

The resulting mall portrays the dynamism of the rapidly developing city, while maintaining a sensible human scale with respect to its target consumer groups.