Year of Completion
SUNAC China Holdings Limited

West Chateau is a 20ha site site located at the foothill of Baiwang Shan in the western suburbs of Beijing, a region historically recognized as an imperial retreat during the Qing dynasty, and bestowed with lush greenery and fresh air.

The project will set a benchmark for luxury living. Termed “Mansions in a Park”, the design concept sought to create elegant luxury apartments nestled in a lushly landscaped, park-like setting. Chinese and Western elements are interwoven into the design – inspired by the traditional courtyard houses of Chinese civil servants and Prairie style homes.
The building form is divided into three parts – base, body and top – expressed by a distinctive horizontal capping at the fascia. Shallow-pitch roofs with large overhangs and cantilevered balconies work to create a low, horizontal line that blends the buildings with the landscape.