Year of Completion
PT Bukit Alam Permata
Work Scope
Partial Architectural Services

Located in Yogyakarta, a historical city known as a centre of academia and appreciation of classical Javanese fine arts, this development consists of 374 apartment units and a shop. The building uniquely embodies Yogyakarta’s character as a city where traditional and modern values harmoniously co-exist. Applying this characteristic of duality to the project, the architects sought to portray traditional elements with solid textures, and modernity with clean and transparent elements. The south-facing façade incorporates balconies, engraved panels and diagonal fins on railings that reinterpret Indonesian ‘Parang Rusak’ batik fabric motifs, while the north-facing façade is composed of clear glass. The contrasting façades are also inspired by Indonesia’s traditional shadow puppet theatre, wayang kulit, which involves inverse spaces – with clean silhouettes taking the front stage, here signified by the clean north-facing façade; and backstage buzz and activity by performers, here signified by the textured south-facing façade.