Year of Completion
Cove Development Pte Ltd
40,521M² GFA

Standing proudly on the slopes of Leonie Hill, Twin Peaks towers above the city and commands, commanding views along Orchard Road and the Central Business District.
It is a futuristic vision of a Singapore to come, where high-rise buildings embody the tenets of high-density, high-efficiency and high-end luxury lifestyle.

Today, we are served by a transportation system and a city which can fulfill almost all of our daily requirements. As such, some Singaporean residents feel they do not require a large home, but would prefer one that is better connected to the city. Therefore, they are willing to trade private space for the ease of interacting in public space and the convenience of proximity. With this in mind, Twin Peaks was created.

Although situated on an expansive site, the architects decided to restrict the development’s footprint and extend the towers vertically, leaving more space for lifestyle facilities. This resulted in the design of two symmetrical 35-storey towers that hold 231 units each. Not only is this a highly efficient design, but one of beauty that is balanced and composed within its urban context.

The arrangement of the towers promises residents panoramic views of the Orchard shopping district, extending from the living room into the heart of Singapore. On the facade, the timber look of the aluminium screens stands out against the lightness of the glass windows. Twin Peak’s position in the city centre means it is an ideal location for business and recreation with the main commercial areas. The variety in unit layouts caters to the needs of any household. Furthermore, flexibility in combining selected adjoining units gives owners the luxury to expand their homes within this exceptional development.

To this end, Twin Peaks has many lifestyle facilities for residents to take pleasure in, including numerous pools, sky gyms, gardens and beautiful dining facilities. The importance of these amenities is expressed on the exterior where the vertical volume of the buildings is punctuated with the landscaped sky gym, creating a signature void. There is also a dedicated concierge service on hand to support the residents’ busy lifestyles. Residents may even enjoy the privilege of housekeeping and hospitality services extended by the Mandarin Orchard Singapore.

In Twin Peaks, every effort has been taken to make sure the residents are afforded the luxurious lifestyle they desire, one which begins as soon as they receive their new apartment. To this end, each unit comes fully furnished with high quality furniture and classic designer pieces.

Twin Peaks is a product of Singapore’s unique sociopolitical climate and is the first of a new generation of residences which truly caters to a contemporary city lifestyle. In designing this new typology Twin Peaks, the architects of Twin Peaks have understood that today’s urban dweller needs a home that is fully integrated with the city yet, at the same time, separate, and have provided a luxurious escape in which to unwind and enjoy the view. The high-rise development embodies the tenets of high-density, high-efficiency and high-end luxury lifestyle.