综合开发, 购物中心, 酒店
Year of Completion
Para Bandung Propertindo
Work Scope
Design Development

Located in Central Bandung along Jalan Gatot Subroto, the Trans Studio Bandung Complex is an integrated lifestyle entertainment hub composing of a mall, two hotel towers and a theme park connected to the western end of the mall. As part of the upgrade and expansion project, the existing Trans Studio Mall underwent overall façade improvements with updated entrances and strategic linkages to the new developments within the site.

The design approach for the mall upgrading and two new hotels placed great importance on the creation of cohesive connections between the different elements of the development. The orientation of the six-star The Trans Luxury Hotel is such that the hotel overlooks the adjacent open plaza, maximising views facing the theme park, the landscaped grounds as well as Mount Tangkuban Perahu in the distance. Due to the intentional massing design of the hotel blocks, a natural public pedestrian linkway leading to the plaza was created.

The hotel’s grand ballroom is situated on the mall’s existing roof, transforming the roof deck into a semi-public outdoor landscaped extension of the pre-function area. There is also a new F&B belt along the perimeter of the mall which creates a vibrant stretch of lively activity as visitors walk between the hotel and theme park.

The luxury hotel, while being part of a cohesive development, successfully depicts a strong sense of individuality with its bronze-tinted reflective glass cladding, setting it apart from the adjacent IBIS Hotel. The main lobby of the hotel was designed with grandeur in mind – the ceiling of the porte-cochère features an elaborate design, with intricate laser-cut patterns at the column claddings.

The new hotel developments and improvements to existing facilities demonstrate sensitivity to the site context and user needs. As Bandung typically experiences cooler year-round temperatures as compared to other Indonesian cities, the mall’s existing open plaza has become a popular location for outdoor concerts and events. To enhance the user’s experience and to offer greater comfort, a large elliptical ETFE canopy spanning 1,000sqm was introduced to shelter the plaza and the 12m clear height allows for pleasant daylighting and natural ventilation.

The upgrade and expansion project serves to inject new life into the area, attracting families, tourists and locals alike to enjoy the public spaces as well as bringing greater pedestrian traffic to the mall. On the other spectrum, set amid the landscaped grounds, the hotel stands as an exclusive and definitive icon within the neighbourhood.