Year of Completion
PT. Antilope Madju Puri Indah
Work Scope
Partial Architectural Services & Landscape Consultancy

The Windsor is a 342-unit luxury residential development that lies within Puri Indah’s dynamic mixed-use masterplan in West Jakarta. The masterplan occupies a prominent area visible along the major highway intersection at the Puri Indah Interchange. Comprising two towers – a 32-storey south tower and 34-storey north tower, The Windsor is located at midpoint between the masterplan’s existing Puri Indah Mall and future flagship St. Moritz Mixed Development.

Sensitivity to the Context
The site is rectangular and narrow, sandwiched by the district mayor’s office compound along its eastern boundary and a low to mid-rise hospital along its western boundary. To its south lies low-rise commercial buildings and its north, low-rise housing outside of the Puri Indah masterplan. The constrained site and mixed nature of its immediate surroundings hence pose key challenges to the design.
The strategy employed is to develop two identical towers tilted at an angle with the carparking and landscaped podium in between. This addresses the issue of layout efficiency within the narrow site and at the same time create optimum views that avoid overlooking the neighbours square-on.

Responding to user needs
The brief requires the towers to accommodate 2, 3 and 4-bedroom units on every floor. Priority is therefore given to the larger units to enjoy optimum south-easterly views over the Puri Indah vicinity and the city skyline beyond. The smallest units, meanwhile, still enjoy unobstructed views over the surrounding low-rise housing.
The tilted tower blocks also generate spacious dedicated vehicular drop-offs at ground level for the two towers and clubhouse in between, each distinguished with their own unique central fountain feature. The drop-offs are linked by an inner road that enables seamless vehicular movement into and out of the podium carpark.

Response to Climate
The towers are designed with a unique L-shaped plan that encourages cross natural ventilation along the common corridor. The tower core is planned strategically within the layout such that the units designed around it avoid a direct east-west facing, reducing heat gains within the units.

Elegance of Construction & Detail
The tower façades are articulated with undulating balconies and deep horizontal fins that generate the visual effect of vertical waves against its fully glazed backdrop. The podium facade is treated in continuous and similar fashion, comprising layers of horizontal fins interspaced with green walls, perforated aluminum screens and vertical trellises, disguising the carpark area behind it while maintaining porosity for natural ventilation. The entrance and drop-off canopies are expressed as fluid horizontal planes while the tower crown takes on a wave-like form. Corner and edge treatments are largely chamfered throughout. The design approach is painstakingly consistent, resulting in a homogenous sculptural building where components appear to continuously flow into one another.

The deep horizontal fins that contribute to the towers’ distinct aesthetic also serve as vital sun-shading. These are found along the towers’ eastern elevations where units are inevitably exposed to greater sunlight.
On the podium, the pool deck’s edges feature lush planters all round that tie in with the layers of green walls along the podium’s façade. The green walls serve as a noise buffer for the carpark area housed within the podium and also contributes to improving its internal air quality.

The Windsor’s design is quintessentially inspired by the art of master Indonesian painter Hendra Gunawan. Its flowing sculptural form epitomizes Hendra’s zest for painting people engaged in activity and interaction. The grand lobby interiors are also adorned with some of Hendra’s most famous artworks. These Hendra-inspired concepts give The Windsor its uniqueness and significance as an iconic landmark of its own right.