The Dubai Mall's Fashion Avenue
Year of Completion
Emaar Properties PJSC

The Dubai Mall not only has been an influential civic focal point in Downtown Dubai since its opening in 2008, but has also become one of the world’s most popular shopping and leisure destinations. All kinds of activities and events bring vivid social life inside. The mall has proven to be incredibly successful and the number of visitors has risen steadily every year.

In 2012, the mall welcomed 65 million visitors – attracting more tourists than New York City – far exceeding the initial annual projection of 35 million.

To prepare for a projected 100 million visitors, another one million square feet (92,900sqm) is being added to The Dubai Mall in the first phase of a massive expansion.

The popular Fashion Avenue will be developed further to accommodate new and personalised flagship stores of the world’s top brands, enhancing the fashion portfolio of the mall.

Expected to open by December 2015, this expansion will further enhance the lively urban experience and create more distinctive public spaces within The Dubai Mall.