Year of Completion
Forum Project Holdings P/L
117,521M² GFA

The Technopolis II complex is an 11-acre, eco-centric information technology park located within the larger 1100-acre Calcutta Leather Complex, a self-contained township in West Bengal, India, which incorporates housing, hotels and retail programmes as well as municipal and financial buildings. As part of this regional network immersed in and respectful of the surrounding conserved wetland habitat, the design for Technopolis II is focused on establishing a modern workplace that performs as an organic, living system integrated with its environment.

Technopolis II consists of two north-south oriented towers at eight and twelve storeys in height and flanking a three-storey business centre. The forms of the larger buildings are stacked blocks with large openings corresponding to outdoor activity terraces — large, dynamic openings that admit natural light deep within interior spaces. Substantial greenery reduces heat load and couple the life of the architecture with the natural evolution of plant growth — as the vegetation matures and spreads over the building surfaces, it will continuously re-shape the building’s masses.

At ground level and open to the public, a centralized pool and waterwall performs as site cooling elements; the wall doubles as an enclosure for an adjacent utility block. Surrounding the complex is a collection of green spaces for recreational activity.