Year of Completion
People’s Association

Tampines Town Hub (TTH) is a 120,000sqm development that will combine recreational, sporting, community and culture facilities under one roof. Situated at the bustling suburban centre of Tampines, the building is designed with a highly porous ground floor that connects seamlessly with the streetscape. Key public nodes within TTH link to different key zones in the surrounding context.

Externally, TTH is primarily organised as interlocking clusters of spaces, depicting different thematic zones, facilities and settings, linked by a network of elevated community streetscapes and programmes.

These clusters are made up of a dynamic range of arts and cultural, sports and recreational, lifestyle, and F&B components. Various facade treatments are used for each cluster, including louvres, mesh panels, green terraces, green walls, glazings, rendered wall surfaces. The array of envelope designs adds richness to TTH’s outlook and its purpose as a vibrant and meaningful gathering place for the Tampines community.