医疗, 商务办公, 综合开发, 购物中心
Year of Completion
Novena Point Pte Ltd
32,855M² GFA

The Square 2 development operates as an essential connective component within the Novena Square region, integrating Novena Medical Centre and Square 2 Shopping Centre with a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station and its extensive underground linkages including Tock Seng Hospital. The project strengthens ground-level pedestrian networks of covered walkways and underpasses and programmatically merges private medical suites with a carpark and public retail outlets. A bridge with travellator provides Square 2 with direct access to the hospital facilities.

Aside from reinforcing circulation patterns, the project works to assimilate the many elements of its urban fabric into a unified whole via responsive materiality, massing and structure. The use of blue-green facade glass negotiates between the deep blue glazing of Novena Square and green elements of Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Overall massing aligns the blocks of Square 2 with adjacent Novena Square. A mega-truss structural system spans the existing MRT network below, working jointly to provide the new carpark with a regularized column grid for maximum accessibility and to suspend portions of the retail podium over the existing MRT structure, which does not cater to loading from above.

The 11-storey development is organised into three zones: four levels of retail, three levels of parking floors, and medical suites located on the uppermost four levels. Medical centre suites are organised about a large internal courtyard, providing internal views and a space of repose for visitors and staff.