Year of Completion
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

The new chancery for the Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore in Xiamen is a serene and timeless edifice that combines elegance with lyrical expressiveness. Wrapped in a tectonic skin, the structure is composed of Euclidean forms; a simple, crisp silhouette that is subtly animated yet visually dynamic.

The façade appears to be in the process of dematerialising and coalescing, and is evocative of regeneration and change, while its low-lying, horizontal form remains assuredly grounded. These qualities embody the Singaporean spirit of endless transformation – a progressive state in the process of creative metamorphosis; and a nation which embraces the challenges of constant change while maintaining a sense of peace, steadfastness and groundedness.

Inspired by the humble ventilation block, a long-standing feature of tropical architecture that peppered Singapore’s urban landscape long before air-conditioning became a staple of the built environment, the façade is a contemporary reinterpretation of this unassuming ‘breathing’ device which effectively regulates indoor climates.