Year of Completion
Singapore Dance Theatre

The new 2,000sqm campus of the Singapore Dance Theatre, located on the seventh floor of Bugis+, houses four professional dance studios and supporting facilities. A spacious corridor facing the roof garden leads to the site.

With the aim of attracting and educating the public on dance as a performing art, huge perforated sliding doors are located at the entrance. These doors, when fully opened, maximise the luxury of space and merge the public space with the foyer, drawing visitors in to witness the hard work and dedication of professional ballet dancers at practice.

The impressive height of the site made it ideal to demonstrate the interplay of volumes. In addition to the use of stacked walls, shipping containers are positioned high above the ceiling level – compressing and decompressing the space along the corridor. Lastly, mirror panels were strategically placed on the container walls to create the illusion of an endless expanse of space.