Year of Completion
Singapore Zoological Gardens
54,400M² GFA

River Safari is Asia’s first river-themed wildlife attraction situated between Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. The wildlife park features flora and fauna from eight famous rivers – Amazon, Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Murray, Mekong and Yangtze – in a naturalistic landscape. The park brings together the best in zoological architecture and design, with state-of-the-art exhibit artistry and technology to give visitors an immersive experience.

Located on an 11-hectare plot of land, the park is divided into four main zones. Visitors journey through the rivers of the world, including the Yangtze River zone where the Giant Panda Forest is located; cross the Seletar Reservoir via a bridge with a scenic view of the whole attraction; to the opposite bank for the Amazon River Quest boat ride which ends at the Amazon Flooded Forest. The development also includes a new multi-storey car park that is designed to harmonise with the surroundings, allow maximum daylight, and to employ bio-retention water features.

Rated Green Mark Platinum, the first for a park, River Safari is designed and developed with great concern for the environment, particularly in the Mandai Nature Reserve and Upper Seletar Reservoir area where the park is situated. Exhibit levels are designed to suit the existing terrain profile. Elevated boardwalks serve as connectors between exhibits to minimise the impact to existing grounds while allowing plants under the shade to grow and animals to traverse.