Year of Completion
Limited Liability Company
Work Scope
Partial architectural services

Respublika Plaza Astana is a mixed development comprising retail, office and SOHO units inspired by Kazakhstan’s natural wonders. The mall’s façade incorporates full-height shop fronts composed as angular cubes, dramatically set against a backdrop of undulating ‘cliffs’. Similarly, the folded façade fronting Amangeldi Imanov Street simulates the natural beauty of canyons. Entrances located here further reveal nature-inspired interior features, such as a four-storey waterfall.

Four retail precincts – Fashion Galleria, The Arcade, Festival Walk and Oasis Avenue – cater to shoppers’ different needs. Fans of haute couture can pamper themselves at the Fashion Galleria, with over 150m of high-end luxury duplexes. Illuminated pathways create a futuristic look for The Arcade, which offers the latest electronics and gadgets. The family-oriented Festival Walk allows parents and children to indulge in movies and sporting events. For a multi-sensory experience, shoppers can dine and rest at Oasis Avenue, a respite with lush greenery and serene water bodies. The precincts are designed in a racetrack layout to maximise storefront visibility and access, while the unique atrium and congregation spaces allow for clear navigation. Sensitive to the harsh climate of Astana, the design includes a centrally located multi-storey car park block and drop-off areas conveniently linked to the mall via internally sheltered walkways.