Year of Completion
PT HD Propertindo
Work Scope
Partial ArchitecturalServices

The Orang Tua Office was originally conceived in 2009 to be developed in two phases, intended to be the Headquarter of a major Indonesian food product company, Orang Tua Group. The first phase, currently used as their centre of operational base comprise of an office and a Research & Innovation Centre which was completed in 2010. Phase 2 will feature an extension of an office tower on the east side of Phase 1 building.

The site is located next to Jalan Tol Lingkar Luar Jakarta, a tolled ring road circling the outer edge of Jakarta. Other than the flexibility for future expansion, the limited building height imposed on rectangular site poses the key challenge to the design needed to accommodate office tower, Research & Innovation Centre, multipurpose hall, gallery, fitness centre and multi-storey car park. The strategy employed is to design the Phase 1 office floor plate on a thin U-shaped plan which creates an internal central courtyard space. It will then transform to an O-shaped building upon the full completion of phase 2 office tower.

Opportunity to relish any good view is very limited due to the far location away from the city centre. Thus, this internal courtyard offer workers the exclusive luxury of a green oasis, creating a retreat for the workers. All the program units circling around this central courtyard serves as a shared communal space connecting the various programs. It also allows for an optimal use of natural daylight.

The overall form and geometry are established based on dimensional order. The different spatial qualities between the external and the internal (courtyard) are reflected in the building envelope. The inner façade appears open and transparent, maximizes view towards the central courtyard. The outer façade facing the main road features a series of rectangular composition of aluminium cladding, tinted glass and additional presence of vertical fins. The multi-faceted main lobby design at ground level not only functions as a reception area, it also serves as the show gallery of Orang Tua consumer food products and showcases their historical truck, the first truck purchased by the founder of the company in 1948 and was used for the delivery of their products.