Year of Completion
Chye Lee & Sons Pte Ltd
5,515M² GFA

SIA-NParks Skyrise Greenery Awards (Third Prize)

myVillage – a two-storey, two-basement mall nestled in the low-rise private residential estate of Serangoon Garden was conceptualised as a welcoming garden courtyard that the neighbouring residents could ‘come home’ to.

The architectural strategy was to use natural elements at every level of the mall to create a recreational haven and evoke homely sentiments. An immersive garden experience was designed with the intention of providing the residents with a cosy retail environment: there is a sunken courtyard in the basement; an open backyard on the first storey; a sky terrace on the second storey; and a spacious garden on the rooftop.

It was an integral part of the strategy to assimilate with the surrounds. The planning constraints ensured that the height of the building would not impose on the low-rise nature of the surrounding context. Further to that, natural elements were consistently assimilated with the lush greenery of the surrounds.

Geometrically arranged planter beds with abundant foliage surround the mall at ground level. The soft edge created by the planter beds along the periphery of the site composes an inviting frontage for the mall from each of the four roads along the boundary.

It was part of the landscaping strategy to ensure that the greenery on the exterior is allowed to permeate the mall. The mall incorporates thoughtful details which materialise into a continuous garden walk, bringing external space in. These include the pattern on the outdoor walkways which seamlessly continue into the interior floor; the glass canopy at the main entrance which bears imprints of foliage which simulate the Angsana trees found nearby; the same motifs used on skylights to cast leafy shadows into the atriums; and the vertical greenery comprising flowering vines, Clerodendron Thomsoniae and Philodendron Scandens, which clad the wall along which one descends into the basement via escalators.

Natural light pours into the sunken courtyard in the basement which was designed to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort synonymous with being at home. Here, a stone-cladded water wall, timber-decked floors and décor of green plants add to the natural ambience for the enjoyment of alfresco diners.

The sky terrace wraps around the southwest corner of the mall, overlooking Farleigh Avenue and Sandown Place. On these two fronts, the elevated garden not only provides a green haven for shoppers on the inside; it also softens the façade by providing pockets of green on the exterior.