Year of Completion

Mangkuluhur City is a mixed-use development at the Semanggi Interchange in Jakarta, divided into three distinct zones – hospitality, office and residential. A central ‘oasis’ was introduced as a communal space to encourage movement between zones, with a nodal concentration of activities at the heart of the development. With direct linkages to Grade A offices, a five-star hotel reception and a plethora of F&B, fitness and retail facilities for everyday needs, it is an ideal hangout for residents, office executives and hotel guests. The large-scale ‘oasis’ is inspired by yin and yang elements and consists of an elliptical water feature and lush garden shaped to complement it, offering respite amid a built-up environment surrounded by the busiest roads in Jakarta. Cradling the ‘oasis’, the retail podium is intricately articulated, with part of its façade turned into a hive-like feature wall made of trellises in a dark brown finish.