Year of Completion
Guangxi Jin Yuan Estate Co Ltd

Conceived to become a contemporary iconic landmark for the Central Business District of Nanning, Kingswealth CBD Centre comprises three 28-storey office towers distinguished by their common semi-circular floor plans. Placed along the diagonal axis bisecting the road intersection of two major roads, Jinhu Lu and Jinzhou Lu, the main foyer is signalled by a glazed drum at the corner. Two of the three towers flank the south-east pedestrian entry and the northwest vehicular drop-off.

Sheathed in a crisply detailed skin of horizontal louvres on the perimeter with large eye-catching cut-outs, the towers are fully glazed on the inside with the atrium in between. At night, the entire building is illuminated like a beacon. By day, the layered facades define a strong presence and visual focus for the surrounding cityscape.

Located at the northwest corner of the site, the third tower serves to provide a visual counterpoint to the more formal pair in the eastern half. A four-storey retail mall which continues the semi-circular motif mediates between the three towers and the surrounding streets. Respecting Nanning’s aspirations to be China’s leading Green City, a strategy of borrowing views combined with vertical gardens was adopted. Four types of green spaces were introduced: the landscaped plaza at street level, the roof garden podium, the sky atrium and the sky garden on the tower roof level.