Year of Completion
47,000sqm (Phase One Retail Mall), 286,000sqm (Overall)

Joy City Shanghai is located at the junction of Xizang Road and Qufu Road. Sited above Qufu Road Metro Station, a mere 500m away from the famous Nanjing Road Shopping Street, this mall is set to become a main shopping destination in Shanghai.

The project involved a makeover of the existing retail mall and master-planning for adjacent parcels of land. The makeover aimed to transform the old monotonous cube design into a dynamic composition of forms and materials befitting of a vibrant shopping mall in the city. This new image would set the tone for future phases of the entire development.

The design was conceived as a dialogue of three main components: a forward tilt at the main entrance sets the cube in motion and livens up its image; a large, transparent cone-shaped structure rises above the cube, illuminated from within by a myriad of lights and colours which amplifies the visibility of the mall; and two horizontal wings extend out from the cube, eventually unifying the buildings in adjacent parcels at a later stage.

The mall makeover took less than a year from design conception to opening; with the transformation reactivating an important city district, hence opening it up to many new opportunities.