Year of Completion
MMC International Holdings

Located by the Red Sea, 725 km south of Jeddah, Jazan Economic City is envisioned to be a fully integrated and self-contained development comprising industrial and non-industrial zones on a 103 sq km site.

The city’s industrial zone represents more than two-thirds of the project, and will accommodate a port, an aluminum smelter, an oil refinery, metal and mineral processing plants, as well as fisheries and an agro-based industry. It will also include a power and desalination plant to support the industries.

The non-industrial zone will comprise the commercial business district, a variety of residential areas, a marina and facilities for education, hospitality and recreation.

To be developed over a period of 25 years, Jazan Economic City will be the fourth economic city to be launched in Saudi Arabia after the economic cities of King Abdullah, Prince Abdul Aziz bin Mousaed and Madinah.

Designed in 2006