Year of Completion
Shanghai Xin Changning (Group) Co., Ltd
Partial Architectural Services

The Hongqiao Linkong Economic Zone is located near Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Plot 10-3 comprises small offices, a conference centre, serviced apartments and retail. The building form twists to create two green courtyard spaces. Continuous horizontal bands form the primary architectural expression. A central plaza, extended from Plot 11-3, forms a retail and office zone running across both plots. The main office complex overlooks the central plaza, with the conference centre sitting on the southeastern corner. Two serviced apartment blocks are located on the north, with a roof garden bridge that creates a spatial gateway for pedestrians. Retail shops fill the first two floors across the development, forming a small commercial centre for plot 10-3 and 11-3.

Plot 11-3 is designed to be a district with sustainable office headquarters of international standard. Surrounded by water canals and situated adjacent to the Suzhou River, the site gives rise to the garden-style, high-tech office design. An L-shaped road links the office blocks which are oriented to maximise views of the landscape. A landscaped pedestrian deck links the far eastern block along the Suzhou River to the west. The office blocks are characterised by a simple plan, strategically placed voids, green roof decks and recessed roofs. Each block is intertwined with landscape, creating various plaza spaces. The façade features louvres in varying degrees of slope, giving a rich elevational treatment while maintaining an overall clean look.