娱乐, 总体规划
Year of Completion

The new Downtown East master plan uses a three-pronged approach, combining engagement, universality and sustainability. Through improving and updating existing facilities, as well as extending new areas, the revitalized development will provide an integrated leisure experience for better community engagement, while still remaining affordable for the masses.

The master plan zoning comprises four main nodes – the E-hub; the Members, Union and Community Engagement (MUCE) facilities; the Wild Wild Wet theme park and the Costa Sands Downtown East Resort – with the nodes connected across the site via a new pedestrian network. In particular, the resort will house brand new chalets and more amenities, while Wild Wild Wet will double in size to 4ha.

All major elements and zones will be arranged along a main north-south axis, defining the main circulation system and view corridors linking up the various elements within the site. This helps visitors to easily orientate themselves in this extensive development. Dedicated drop-off points provide a sense of arrival, while helping to keep traffic levels manageable. This reorganization of pedestrian and vehicular traffic ties together the disparate components under a coherent master plan while allowing for the unique expression of each part.

The master plan also considers the site context where the surrounding developments are primarily residential. The new large MUCE centre will be situated along Pasir Ris Drive 3 to form a strong urban front with the existing E-hub. The new Costa Sands chalets, which are multi-storeyed to minimise the building footprint, will be sited further up north, facing Pasir Ris Park and Pasir Ris Beach.

An inclusive design strategy was adopted for the development, such as by creating an elevated all-weather landscape deck on the second storey which promotes safe and pleasant pedestrian conditions by separating pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow. This landscape deck is also connected to the first storey via gently sloping ramps, keeping to the tenets of universal design.

With a consistent focus on providing affordable family-oriented activities in a resort-style setting, enhancements to the infrastructure, new clarity of the circulation networks and improved amenities to cater to increasing demands, the new Downtown East will be the leisure destination of choice for Singaporeans.