Year of Completion
Ithmaar Development Company

From the earliest records of civilisation, the island of Bahrain has been inhabited by humans, thriving on trade between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley because of its strategic location in the Persian Gulf. Known as Dilmun, this ancient settlement was reputed to be a paradise garden, full of fruit trees, edible plants and flowers. Drawing inspiration from this magical place where death and disease were unknown and men lived at peace with one another, Bahrain Health City describes a master plan for a health and wellness island township that is themed around life-giving water. Radiating from the centre in swirls of green landscape and blue waterways, this idyllic development promotes a balanced lifestyle that is defined by health and wellness. A comprehensive range of healthcare facilities, including a wellness hospital, a women’s & children’s hospital and specialised medical centres, forms the nexus.

Four themed hotels anchor the development, each offering an alternative perspective of hospitality in combination with specific spa treatments complemented by restaurants offering healthy cuisines. The outer ring of the development comprises a full plethora of residential accommodation, ranging from SOHO (Small Office Home Office) studios to pier side and quayside townhouses, luxurious condominium apartments and elegant villas. Recreational amenities, entertainment facilities and lifestyle retail outlets offering complementary products and services, complete this health and wellness hub.

Designed in 2009