Year of Completion
National University of Singapore
38,200M² GFA

Adapted from the traditional system of residential colleges in the style developed by Oxford and Cambridge Universities, College of Alice & Peter Tan are 2 of 4 residential colleges within NUS University Town. Each college houses undergraduate students, graduate tutors and faculty members residing within the same building. This is intended to foster a heightened sense of community as students and faculty live, eat, and learn in a shared setting. In bringing the academic and residential aspects of college life together, residential colleges also offer a greater level of support to both academic and personal development.

The “Asian-Lite” design concept for College of Alice & Peter Tan is inspired by the traditional South-east Asian house with deep roof overhangs that provide for cool verandah spaces. The buildings are north-south facings with individual podium blocks set away from each other maximising façade area for cross-ventilation. Architectural elements of ventilation blocks, louvred monsoon windows, framed glazing with vertical accents and a unifying railing and canopy across the podium are
kit-of-parts deployed to create a strong and coherent visual identity for the colleges.

The façade of the towers are organised into the five neighbourhoods created for the college, with vertical bands across the neighbourhoods arranged into a weaved pattern. The same pattern is transposed into the design of the interiors, giving subtle hints inside that complete a coherent design.

College of Alice & Peter Tan have achieved the BCA Green Mark Gold Plus Award.