Year of Completion
Para Bandung Propertindo
Work Scope
Design Development

BSM Hotel is an upgrading and expansion project to the existing 4-storey Bandung Supermall located in Central Bandung along Jalan Gatot Subroto. The mall was originally constructed in 2001 and remains the city’s largest family mall with 8.3 hectares of total floor area. As part of the new owner’s vision for an integrated lifestyle entertainment hub, a 4 hectare sized Trans Studio indoor theme park is concurrently developed as an extension to the west end of the mall.

The mall-upgrading brief involves three main areas: improving the overall façade with minimal demolition, enhancing the mall frontage and designing a new canopy for its main drop-off – all this, while maintaining its footprint and general massing. The new hotel component occupies a 0.7 hectare site next to the mall and fronting Jalan Gatot Subroto. It comprises two hotels: a 14-storey, 300 rooms 6-star Trans Hotel with a grand ballroom and sky terrace, and a 18-storey, 700 rooms 3-star Ibis Hotel.