Year of Completion
Ascendas - Xinsu Development (Suzhou) Co. Ltd

Located in Dushu Lake Higher Education District within the renowned Suzhou Industrial Park, Ascendas iHub Suzhou is an integrated ‘live, work and play’ district prototype for a science and technology park housing office and ancillary rental spaces, recreational facilities, as well as a serviced apartment tower. Inspired by the flower of Suzhou city, the osmanthus, a simple four-petal arrangement is used to lay out the towers as visual markers of the four corners. At the heart of the ‘flower’, the central village hub offers an interaction space, enhancing inter-disciplinary synergy and cross-pollination of ideas.

The master plan creates a conducive work environment in a lush garden setting which acts as a lively green nexus that encourages intellectual, social and communal exchange among its inhabitants. The traditional context of the Suzhou garden as a space for contemplation and creation of ideas, and as the quintessential backdrop for scholastic discussions is retained, but given a contemporary character. The grounds are layered with intimately scaled outdoor rest points and niches which form natural study spaces.

Environmental considerations are incorporated in the design: Local indigenous planting will be implemented for softscapes, and hardscape materials will be sourced locally; a run-off water recycling system for the watering of landscape will be introduced as one of many water conservation measures; and roof gardens will be designed to reduce solar heat gain.