Year of Completion
Work Scope
Master Plan

Located 7.4km from the Bandung city centre, Arcamanik Park is a 15ha mixed-use master plan. The project consists of three phases, the first of which is a flagship campus comprising a business hub for offices, supporting facilities such as a convention centre, research and development nodes, 15-storey condotel towers atop a retail podium, a hospital and a hotel. Phase 2, The Shopping Boulevard, will feature a mall and outdoor retail shops, an outdoor garden stage, condotels and a skate park. Phase 3 completes the development with leisure components such as a country club, resort and water-themed park. The idea of regeneration ties together all three phases, where nature is integrated into all aspects of life, and a holistic experience is created within one site. The extensive greenery, pedestrian and bicycle networks are designed with connectivity and sensory appreciation in mind, encouraging eco-friendly mobility.