Year of Completion
GVK Airports Holding Pvt Ltd
371,600 M² GFA

Our aim has been to find an unapologetically contemporary expression for a tradition-inspired form that also respects its climatic context. The form that has evolved over several iterations is evocative of a dancing peacock’s tail. The roof surfaces are articulated in panels, many of which lift up to reveal skylights. The graceful and flowing curve of the roof surfaces overlap and their geometry, when seen from street level, reveals echoes of a large bird in flight, fitting imagery for an airport.

The terminal is planned to facilitate a simple movement flow with minimal level changes and the route from kerbside to the gates is clearly legible and direct. Arrival and departure are on different levels and the upper departure floor passengers experience dramatic views of the roof structure.

A 3-level plan achieves better management and grouping of facilities, and provisions have been made for both domestic and international passengers. Non-passenger and service support areas are placed at the lower levels to facilitate easy maintenance with minimum disruption to the functioning of the terminal.

Designed in 2007