Year of Completion
SUNAC China Holdings Limited
287,160M² GFA

West Chateau is a 20 ha site located at the foothill of Baiwang Shan in the western suburbs of Beijing, a region historically recognised as a retreat for imperial visitors. With site coverage of 20% and green coverage of 35%, the design mantra for this high-end luxury residential development is ’Mansions in the Park’.

The architecture combines Chinese and Western elements. Building form is divided into three parts – base, body and top – expressed by a distinctive horizontal capping at the fascia. Shallow-pitch roofs with large overhangs and cantilevered balconies work to create a low, horizontal line that blends the buildings with the landscape.

The project comprises of 400,000 sqm of construction area and offers 1000 apartments ranging in size from 180 sqm and 400 sqm.