Year of Completion
Far East Organisation Centre Pte Ltd
60,147M² GFA

BCA Construction Excellence Awards

In its historical role, the Singapore River served as the original location of the colonial port founded by Stamford Raffles in the early 19th century. As trading grew exponentially in the decades following, land adjacent to the river became home to warehouses servicing the shipments of goods. Today, the region’s building codes seek to preserve the history embedded in these houses of trade.

River Place has therefore inherited many of the architectural features of the low-rise warehouses in the effort to conserve the area’s architectural history. As such, the River Place apartment complex conforms to rules such as the limiting of waterfront structures to five storeys in height and the pitching of these roofs to revitalise the historic, built character of the water’s edge. Buildings sited furthest from the water along a major avenue are ten storeys in height.

The designers used these guidelines to develop the architectural qualities of this 509-unit complex that includes a range of studios, 16 low-rise townhouses, and 51 penthouses on a site of 2.1 hectares located near the city’s business district. White façade and dark brown frames reflect the nature and coloration of earlier 19th century shop-houses.

River Place is designed according to three complementary architectural typologies: two high-density blocks form an ‘L-shape’ that corresponds to the site perimeter and enclose an internal recreational space; a third block of low-rise apartments faces the riverfront. The landscape hosts a swimming pool and garden with water features. Additional features include tennis courts and a playground at rooftop.