Year of Completion
G:Corp Projects Pvt Ltd
1,115M² GFA

The term ‘bungalow’ originates from the Hindi language as a ‘home in the Bengal style’. It is a residential type that has assumed many forms, evolving originally from a detached, low-rise home with a wide veranda that provided inhabitants with large outdoor spaces. As ‘bungalows in the sky’, the design of Sky Gardens aligns with certain aspects of these historical references. The 20-storey project is located within a region of India’s Garden City, Bangalore, on a site rich in vegetation with uncompromised views of the city. Each apartment is designed to accommodate an expansive terrace, and this ‘bungalow’ element plays a critical role in defining the project’s architecture.

Double-volume outdoor spaces allow light and air to permeate the 465 square metre apartments. To provide each apartment with a double-height outdoor space, terraces shift in orientation at every other level. The terraces are designed deep enough to accommodate rich landscaping, and disengaged structural columns support the weight of the soil. The resulting horizontal and vertical lines of terraces and columns emerge as the project’s dominating architectural character.