Year of Completion
RMZ Corp

Ecospace, one of DP Architects’ first technology parks for RMZ Corp in Bangalore, is a large campus with buildings laid out in four clusters, each of which is functionally an independent entity but tied by a common architectural vocabulary.

Ecospace Two was the fist cluster to be built on the site. The building features large windows recessed into an aluminium-clad façade on the front with a sun-shaded glass façade on the sides. Stone-clad walls flank the central entry to this connected pair of buildings and an extension of the curved roof over the entry forms the main porte-cochère.

The Ecospace Three buildings feature a bold red wall fronting a dramatic narrow atrium at the entry to each building. The thick wall has a series of narrow vertical slits to admit streaks of sunlight with a narrow skylight above supplementing this light.

Ecospace Four, the last of the DPA deigned clusters, features a design obviously influenced by Ecospace Three but that takes off in a different direction, and ties the two buildings together in a sweeping arc defined by the red front walls of the entrance atriums.

The campus has been both a commercial and image-making success for RMZ Corp.