Year of Completion
YHS Dunearn Pte Ltd
17,935M² GFA

To compensate for a 10-storey height constraint, Jardin is designed to utilise large floor plates and a lengthy building perimeter in an exploration that merges communal landscape with high-density urban living.

By negotiating planning-code guidelines and the relationships between softscape and hardscape, extensive facade-length terraces have been built into every alternating level to create double-height garden spaces accessible to each of the building’s residences.

A number of techniques in landscape design are explored to provide a blend of experiences. Such practices of garden design include serial vision, developed by architect and urban designer Gordon Cullen in the English Townscape movement. Serial vision considers the garden as a sequence of spaces that reveal themselves to a meanderer in succession — at Jardin, garden elements, green walls or feature walls serve as focal points for the reorientation of the visitor along various axes of travel, and shafts of natural sunlight are employed to vary visibility. The complexities of the garden establish a sensory journey.

Fostering community has always been a crucial element to garden planning. In following, projecting gardens at alternating levels serve as communal ‘green balcony’ spaces of social interchange. The roof also hosts a club and recreation garden with a collection of event pavilions that also intend to cultivate gatherings.

Jardin’s 18,000 square metre, 10-storey block offers 140 units with accessibility to these extensive garden spaces, andthe 8,600 square metre landscaped site. The units vary among eight different floor plans, ranging in size from 70 square metres to 150 square metres.