Year of Completion
正安实业(武汉)有限公司 Zheng An Real Estate (Wuhan) Pte Ltd

Zall-Yulong International Centre is situated at the intersection of Xinhua Road and Jianshe Avenue, boasting excellent views of the two lakes sited to the east and northwest. The proposed mixed-use development comprises a Grade A office tower and a seven-storey commercial podium.

The design aims to maximise the storefront exposure of the retail podium though proper planning and circulation: the addition of a skylight, and a roof garden on the sixth storey, mitigates the challenge of facilitating the flow of visitors to the upper levels, while independent lifts provide direct, efficient access to the sixth and seventh floors. A double-volume entrance lobby at the office tower also enhances the sense of arrival for visitors.

Inspired by the proximity of the nearby lakes, the facade design for the office tower features an abstract interpretation of the movement of fish in water, represented by two simple curved strokes that span the entire height of the tower. In Chinese culture, water symbolises wealth, while the image of fish swimming up the façade signifies prosperity. The podium design echoes the same architectural language, with vertical and horizontal fins highlighting the facade. At night, the crown emits a subtle glow to become an iconic beacon for the district.