历史建筑保护/文化遗产, 酒店
Year of Completion
KMC Holdings Pte Ltd
1,236M² GFA

Asia Pacific Property Awards: Best Hotel Interior (Five Stars)

URA Architectural Heritage Awards

This conserved 4-storey shophouse used to be the former Hong Wen School in the 1920s. It is situated in a culturally rich enclave, Little India.

The existing building has a simple rectangular floor plate, with an internal air-well where the lift is located. The various floors are of differing storey heights, with the fourth storey, being directly under the pitch room, having a double volume space. With this, we located the glass lift shaft at the common air-well. The guest rooms vary in sizes, and can be classified into three types, namely capsule rooms on the second storey (11), typical midsize rooms on the third (9), and loft rooms on the fourth (9), making a total of 29 rooms. The hotel reception, lounge, restaurant and back-of-house are all located on the first storey, and a common roof garden with a Jacuzzi on the second storey.

The Client initiated a theme for this hotel, an idea on travelling as the name of the hotel suggests, and roping in three well-known graphic designers to provide concepts for the interior design of each floor. DP Architects, besides taking charge of the interior concept for one storey, also coordinated and executed the concepts for all parties. As the other three designers were all graphic-based, we moved away from conventional architectural design methods, working on idea which is more graphical so as to be consistent with the general graphical theme.

Designed in collaboration with Asylum, Phunk Studio and fFurious.