Year of Completion
NJSP 南京软件园科技发展有限公司
350,700M² GFA

Nanjing Software Park (West District) is located in Nanjing Pukou, China. The multidisciplinary development is spread across 35 hectares and will house centres of technology research and development, investment funding and multimedia. The project employs low carbon eco-technology and modern urban design strategies to enhance interaction among the related industries.

The development is guided by four key principles: dynamic mixed-use, seamless connectivity, unique identity, and ecological and sustainable design.

The proposed master plan offers variety and intensity – experiences at the heart of any innovative community. Work commitments are balanced with numerous leisure and learning opportunities to foster a rich community-oriented atmosphere.

Two landmark towers form a natural gateway to the park and mark the beginning of a visually-rich corridor through the centre of the site. Physical connectivity is provided by an extensive network of roads and public transport nodes – closely integrated with the project to harness human traffic. Pedestrian bridges between buildings offer fresh perspective and create unique places for social interaction. Similarly, a green belt acts as a seamless pedestrian connector throughout the development. Open networking spaces improve the porosity of the technology park and maintain its connection to the city.

Environmental sustainability is a primary driver of the architectural design and the project employs many innovative strategies to meet this objective. One such initiative is the generous use of green-wall façade elements to reduce overall heat absorption of the buildings. These green-walls add interest and texture to otherwise generic façades and offer a significant reduction in carbon emissions.