商务办公, 综合开发
Year of Completion
Guocoland China Ltd
359,615M² GFA

Shanghai Guoson Centre is located in the Putuo district, in the western area of Shanghai, and is one of the main commercial developments in the new master plan of Changfeng Area.

The project comprises a retail mall, hotel, service apartment block, two offices and four blocks of SOHO, while the planned basement will accommodate the bulk of the parking requirements and a small portion of retail space.

The development is divided into three main component groups. The retail mall spans the eastern side of the site addressing the main road and Changfeng Park, one of the largest city parks in Shanghai. The office, hotel and service apartments present the main southern face of the development by creating a central green space in between the blocks. The SOHO blocks are staggered toward the northwestern part of the site and afford large green spaces between them. Seen as an extension of Changfeng Park, the nature theme extends from the landscape around the SOHO blocks to the terraced landscape of the retail mall’s western face.